Coco Salako


Coco Salako

What inspired you to start Glo By Mo?

Honestly? I'd say my longing for financial independence. I was tired of relying on my parents for an allowance. I had a passion for hair and beauty, and I found a way to monetize it and that same passion fueled and continues to fuel my vision for GBM.

What’s a significant moment in your life that has shaped you to who you are today?

I'd like to think I'm very independent. When I started GBM there was a point where I couldn't afford straighteners. I could have asked my parents for the money but I didn’t want to. So, I found a way to use an actual iron to straighten my wigs and it worked! That showed me that I honestly can do anything I put my mind to, I'm resourceful, driven, innovative and resilient. And these are the values that I think have been instrumental to my entrepreneurial journey.

The beauty industry is known for making women feel like they aren’t good enough. In what ways does Glo by Mo counter this and encourage women to feel like they are enough?

Some people may argue that wigs, and hair extensions in general, are deceitful because they depict you as having features you weren't born with. I disagree. I think GBM units- our wigs, ponytails and other extensions, empower women to be whoever they want to be, and express themselves in whatever way they feel most beautiful. We also provide hair care products to emphasize the importance of taking care of your natural hair while it's in protective styles so you can be proud of your God-given locks too. In addition to this we recently launched a line of Afro Extensions, to promote the idea of Women of Colour seeing their natural curl patterns as beautiful too.

There are a lot of young entrepreneurs today trying to get their brands out there. How do you manage going to school, running a successful business and having a social life?

Lmao simply put, most times I don’t. Finding the balance is really really difficult. I'm a passionate person and a perfectionist so everything I do I want to do to the best of my ability. Often because my life is multi-dimensional, this means that I'm either spreading myself way too thin or I'm neglecting one area of my life to prioritize the other. Neither is healthy.

In September I decided to take a semester off school to focus on GBM without the guilt of neglecting my school work and it was the best decision I made last year. I was able to hire a team to help me delegate my responsibilities and I came back to school re-energized and ready to give it my all. One thing I will say is crucial to juggling all these aspects of my life is effective time management and it's not something you learn overnight. The most important aspect of this for me was learning to treat GBM like a 9-5. When you run your own business, you forget that it's not meant to be a 24/7 thing, that will drive anybody mad. I had to learn to say no to business outside of business hours, just like every other job, in order to maintain my sanity.

How many wigs do you have in your personal collection?

I lost count after 20 lmao

What has been your greatest challenge and how did you overcome it? (business wise)

Wow, definitely financial management, learning to separate Morewa from GBM in terms of finances. I had to learn that even though I own the business I'm also an employee, which means that all the money that comes into the business is not mine. I only earn a salary. I only overcame this with prayer if I'm completely honest. It was really hard to rid myself of the #treatyourself mindset that was imbedded in me.

What is your greatest accomplishment with GlobyMo?

I'd say GloByMo, the whole thing, is my greatest accomplishment. I have pushed myself and pushed boundaries and exceeded my own expectations. I'm self-taught which means that from literally nothing, between the ages of 19-21 I built this hair and beauty empire, with all these brand extensions - my own line of human hair ponytails (a GBM original), my own line of hair perfume, hair serum, and highlighters that came with a launch I planned and funded, I've shipped literally all over the world, to places I've never even heard of, I have my own fabulous website and my team of staff supporting me. I've honestly exceeded my own expectations and I feels good to be able to look back and say that. I'm very proud of myself and I give God all the glory.

What advice would you give someone trying to launch their business?

  1. Just do it – there will never be a perfect time so why not just start now?
  2. Your businesses money is not your money
  3. The people you expect to support you won't always, be grateful for the ones that do
  4. Practice makes progress
  5. Celebrate your wins, despite what society says it's okay to say you're proud of yourself
  6. Pace yourself and delegate, you're only human
  7. Don't let the fear of a saturated marked stop you from what could easily be your calling
  8. There really is enough room for everyone to shine, stop focusing on the 'competition' i.e. face your front, tithe on your earning and watch God take you to places you've never even dreamed of

What should we expect from GlobyMo in 2018?

So far we just launched our Liquid Glow- Body Illuminator, Clip&Glo Ponytails and Clip-Ins and  we got a brand new logo and website, for all upcoming updates you're gonna have to subscribe to ;)