Coco Salako

Do You Boo

Coco Salako
Do You Boo

Bomber/wind breaker – Thrift store

Bodysuit – PrettyLittleThing

Bra – Pink

Trousers/Pants – Forever21

Shoes – Vans

I’ve always wanted to be a designer and play around with clothes but as I grew older the vision grew bigger. Growing up in Nigeria there really wasn’t much room to be creative, I always felt like I had to follow the ‘rules’ and just act ‘normal’ because standing out and being different wasn’t accepted.

Funny how now, I really don’t play by the rules. I laugh at people who tell me i’m doing the most.  I refuse to live a life others want me to live and one that makes me miserable. If being me makes you uncomfortable then oh well…. look the other way. Being me, no matter how other people feel about it, makes me happy and that’s the most important thing. If you’re not happy with what you’re putting your energy into then wyd ?

Always remember to put you first and what you love first. Stop settling, stop going the extra mile for people who won’t even think to do the same for you, stop putting your dreams and aspirations on hold. Do you!

Coco xx

Photographer: Anisha Johnson