Coco Salako
Coco Salako

“I will not conform to a reality where my clothes determine my worthiness”

CS is a blog where I blend fashion, creativity and real life topics to create content that opens the minds of young women. My experiences from living in both Nigeria and England, as well as visiting over 20 countries have influenced me culturally and shows through my styling techniques, concepts and beliefs. My style is not limited to one genre, instead I draw inspiration from a variety of moods and experiences. One day I could be shopping in the men’s section, and another day in the women’s section.

Sharing my love for creating and connecting through stories are the two main reasons I started this blog back in 2016.This is my safe space where I can whole-fully express myself and grow through my content. I hope to inspire women to be the highest expression of themselves through fashion.

Travel and events are two new elements that I have added to the blog under lifestyle. There’s a lot of inspiration that comes from traveling through food, culture, art and architecture that I would love to share.